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I had almost give up finding anyone who would really treat my home as they treated their own. Several companies promise they will, but it doesn't take long to figure out they just want to get it done quick, so they can move on to the next home, which are similar to the "mow, blow and go" lawn services. Then through my realtor I foud Jacque at Jax Cleaning Services. WOW was my first emotion and PERFECT has been an answer to my prayers. You will not be disappointed, and that is a promise!

Dr. Carole Clifford

We have used Jax Cleaning Service for two years and the quality of their cleaning is excellent. They always do an amazing job cleaning and are available to answer calls or questions anytime. I would recommend Jax Cleaning

Service for all you professional cleaning service needs.

Heidi Diamond

Office Manager
Dermatology SouthEast

Through this letter,  it is my  pleasure to  recommend Jacqueline Souza (JAX Cleaning Service) for any type of home and office cleaning employment. Ms. Souza has been cleaning my home for several months now, and she is  honest, dependable, timely, very thorough and efficient. 

While cleaning, she does not waste time,  use her cell phone, or leave things unfinished.  She is very focused, hardworking, willing to accommodate any changes I may have, and always has a pleasant attitude.  She has a wonderful work ethic, is organized and  very  respectful. She is the best! 

Ms. Souza came to me with an extremely good recommendation and she has proven she is all that I was promised and more! Without reservation, I would recommend her for other jobs in this line of work. 

If I can be of any further assistance  or provide you with any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address listed  below.

I have known Jacque for several years now. I am a real estate agent and I met her when she cleaned a client's home on a move out. She did a fabulous job! Cleaning up after people who are moving out is not an easy job! They always leave a larger mess when they know someone is cleaning after they are gone. As a Real Estate Agent I know quality work! Jax Cleaning Service is the BEST!!!!

Angela Walker 
Real State Agent

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